Corporate Collaborations

Technology should be an asset, not a liability.

You’re running a company, training your staff, and designing a new marketing campaign. Right now though, things aren’t going quite as planned. Maybe…

Your app isn’t working as it’s supposed to, it’s clunky and difficult to use. It didn’t turn out at all like what you imagined. And now, your customers are complaining!

You’re seriously stressed and need more support. You’re on a deadline and there’s NO way you’ll finish your project on time with the resources and team you have. You need more people working on this who can increase your efficiency to reach your goal on time and within budget.

You’re launching a new product and need to teach your sales team, tech support staff, and customers how to use it! You need a way to clearly explain (to each audience) the functionality using graphics, animation, video, etc, but how?

You have a clear idea of how you want your website to look and function but you’re not sure how to execute it. When you explain the concept to people at your company, they love the idea but no one has the expertise to help you create it.

You need a team that can meet you where you are, help solve your problem, and expand your technological horizons to make your business run well and look good.

Enter: OpenTech Media. From company-wide trainings to complete app and website design & development, OpenTech Media is here to help make technology work for you. OpenTech Media handles customer training, product training, employee training, content marketing programs, customer loyalty programs and offers a variety of solutions.

How It Works

OpenTech Media works with each of its clients uniquely. Once you fill out the application, we will review it and if approved, we will book a time for an initial FREE consultation and strategy session. After this meeting, we’ll determine if your organization and OpenTech Media are a good fit to continue working together. If so, we’ll come up with a unique proposal for you....

Defining “the Game”

We want to hear your big vision. We want to know what you would do if you had unlimited resources. Once we hear this, we’re going to help you take it even further, to use technology in a way you may have never thought possible. That’s “the Game”.

Setting the Strategy

Once we have the Game figured out, we’re going to strategize how we should play to win. We’ll use our stateside and global development teams and map out cost-effective and time-efficient strategies to accomplish your company’s goal.

Creating the Budget

What will it cost to play the Game? We’ll come up with a detailed plan based on your goals, parameters, and vision.

Implementation and Tracking

This is where the technology component comes in. Our team will take the strategies and translate that into digital tools and portals. We’ll build and set everything up (apps, sites, courses, e-commerce, etc) so your company will be on a whole new playing field; communicating with clients seamlessly and using technology in innovative ways.

Smooth Operating

Regular maintenance is part of the plan. OpenTech is here for you whenever you need us to make sure things are running smoothly. We can help with hosting, ongoing development, bug fixes and maintenance as well as work with with you on the Build, Operate, Transfer Model, or operate for perpetuity. OpenTech can also serve as your technical partner long-term.

Again, every project is completely unique, which is why we invite you to fill out our application form and tell us more about your specific needs.
We’ll get back to you in 2 business days or less.

It's time to PLAY BIGGER !!!

Let's do it TOGETHER !