Impact Initiative

Your organization is on a mission and preparing to make a major play.

A play that is outside your expertise and your comfort zone.
A play for purpose, not profits. You’ve been working towards this for years so preparing to run this play is exciting, exhilarating, and scary. It requires you to take your strategies, players, and tactics to a new level.

To ace the play and win the game, you’ll need a partner that’s both a skilled player and a championship coach.

You need a partner who can help you achieve your goals by managing the change with one hand, while harnessing the power of technology in the other. One that can see your vision and take it one (or five) steps further. One that can build the digital infrastructure you need (think websites, e-learning programs, membership portals) to create the change you’re imagining.

That’s what OpenTech Media’s Impact Initiative is all about.

We’re partnering with world-changing individuals and organizations to help them upgrade their strategies and systems to affect change on an even larger scale.

For years, OpenTech Media has worked with corporations to help them play BIG by using technology to train teams, creating a new level of connection with their consumers, and making them look good both internally, and on the internet. Now, we take the same strategies we used to help multi-million dollar corporations and make them accessible to organizations on a mission.

The stakes are high. Your deep passion and expertise has gotten you this far. To take it to the next level and execute your BIG, MEANINGFUL, LIFE-SAVING play, you need support. OpenTech Media will help you figure out how you can best use technology to execute the play and win your game.


Frequently Asked Questions

1 What’s in it for you, Open Tech?
At the core, Open Tech Media is a purpose-driven organization with a WHOLE LOT of brains. Technology is our superpower. Our goal is to use our smarts to change the world and we want to do that in multiple ways. For us, it makes sense to partner with organizations who are already doing good in the world and help them do even more. Our success is measured by more than profits; we are an organization formed by people with a common goal to make the world a better place and you and your organization are helping us make that happen.
2 Is Open Tech big enough to handle this?
Absolutely. OpenTech Media has successfully worked with a number of multi-million dollar corporations and can handle projects of any size.
3 Can you give me some examples of the kind of “digital infrastructure” you build?
We’d love to! When it comes to technology, if you can dream it, we can build it.
Audience Engagement
-Discussion forums
-Social media
-Chat integration
Content Management
-Reviews and rating management
User Management
-Registration mechanism
-Access control (ACL)
-Profile management
-Subscriptions management
Revenue Management
-E-commerce to accept donations
-Payment gateway
Service Provider & Vendor Management
-Directory listing (vendors)
-Product and service management
-Reviews and Rating Management
Subscriptions Management
Mobile App Development Maps Integration Learning Management System
-Course and assessment creation
-Course catalog
-Course sign-up
-Test scores
-Transcript and certificates
Nonprofit management features
-Case management
-Knowledge management
-Volunteer management
-Internal wikis
Reporting Search
Translation services -Multilingual websites
-Multilingual content
4 This sounds amazing, but what if we don’t have the money to pay for this?
Join us for an initial consult where we’ll assess your current technology use and listen to your vision. If we believe we can help you achieve it, we’ll also help you acquire the funding necessary to make it happen. We’re a for-profit company but more importantly, we’re for a better world.
5 When you say “partner” with Open Tech, what does that mean?
Think of OpenTech as an accelerator. We’re here to meet you where you are and take you to places you’ve never imagined. Our goal is to use technology to create a better world, and helping you is our way of achieving that.
6 I’ve poured my blood, sweat, and tears into my project. Why should I trust you with it?
Simply put, because we get it. We know that your vision is like your baby. We know you’ve spent years working on your mission. We know how important making the world a better place is to you. In fact, we feel the same way. Our Impact Initiative is about using our expertise to help organizations change the world. We want the same things. We see your organization’s potential. We want to see it go all the way. Together, we are a team with a common goal.

It's time to PLAY BIGGER !!!

Let's do it TOGETHER !