OpenTech Media’s Marketing services offer a focused way of creating and executing a marketing strategy which will produce predictable lead flow. In our experience, small business owners and startup executives have most of the answers, they just need to be asked the right questions, and the entire marketing process needs an executive owner. The scope of our services include:


  • Branding: Branding defines the perception your company has in the world at large and it needs to tie-in closely with the purpose the company exists. We help you define your mission, vision, brand statement and style.
  • Target market: We help you define your target market and your audience profiles.
  • Define goals: Of your marketing program
  • Marketing strategy: We identify the channels best suited to your requirements, based on your goals, business objectives and target market.


  • Implementation: We work with you in creating a tactical implementation plan. Typically, we create a quarterly plan broken into milestones. This plan clearly defines the objectives for that quarter, success criteria, content calendar and outreach campaigns using a combination of the channels listed above. We help you with the evaluation of such technologies and work with you to adopt and implement them.
  • Marketing Technology: The bullet on Implementation comes on top (as is for now). Then the bullet on Marketing Technology: Optimizing your marketing spend is made possible by adopting different types of technology solutions like:
    • Email marketing tools
    • Webinars
    • Marketing automation tools
    • Social media publishing tools
    • Video publishing
    • Websites and landing pages
    • SEO, SEM
    • Analytics
    • Edu-Marketing and so on


  • Once we start implementing our plan, tracking the effectiveness of various campaigns and programs becomes crucial. Our Analytics team keeps your marketing on-track by suggesting course-changes according to the reporting and analytics data from all the campaigns.

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