Scaling target audience engagement and participation

Your company or department has ambitious business objectives. And, at times, these business objectives depend on a cross-section of people acquiring certain specific knowledge. And to acquire this knowledge, your target audience will need to view and engage with specific content, tools and other mechanisms.

In these and many other cases, business objectives can be met and exceeded by a content driven program. OpenTech Media specializes in such programs! Over the last 10 years, we have developed many such custom programs for hi-tech giants in Silicon Valley as well as other parts of the country.

Most of the programs OpenTech Media has implemented fall in three categories.


At the core of our services is our process of discovery. We believe that you have all the answers - our job is to help you discover those!
We start with:

  • understanding clearly stated goals and objectives,
  • then go on to discovering those which are NOT clearly stated but rather implied.
We help you narrow your focus through persona analysis which gives us clarity to craft a strategy for you.


Technology enables you to connect with your target audience in simple as well as profound ways.

  • Sometimes, a straightforward implementation of discussion forums is all you need.
  • And other times, the program calls for an elaborate technology roll-out which may include a website / microsite with custom web apps, loyalty programs and incentive programs to motivate your users to participate.
  • A mobile app may also be necessary based on how and where your users will access this program.
OpenTech Media uses cutting-edge technology to custom develop solutions or implements pre-existing platforms.


Our content creation expertize has its roots in sound foundations of instructional design, communication principles and marketing fundamentals. All content creation starts with defining what the end goals of the content are and what stages the content would need to go through, to enable conversions such that all the goals are met. While video based content is very popular, we see that not all content needs to be, or is effective as, videos. Our media mix / content strategy takes into consideration various factors like the persona of the intended audience (their demographics / psychographics will point to their likes and dislikes), how the content will be consumed, the devices they may use, the shelf life of the proposed content, intended outcomes, etc.


OpenTech Media is a leader in the field of Content Marketing and E-learning. For over 9 years, we’ve worked with corporations to bring cutting edge technology to the way they operate. We’ve helped multi-million dollar companies create strategies and implemented technologies to increase their profits, train their employees, and create an exceptional client experience for their customers.


Content & Learning Programs




Hours of Content


Employees Around the World

We’ve created 50 content & learning programs in 21 languages, and 10,000 hours of content, that has impacted over 500,000 employees around the world.

Our Impact Initiative

As we continue to support our corporate partners, we’re also taking our proven techniques and technologies to help organizations focused on social good via our Impact Initiative.

OpenTech Media believes that organizations on a mission to improve life on this planet deserve access to the best possible resources and technology. We aim to provide that partnership to purpose-driven clients, to help them play bigger and affect even more change. OpenTech is a group of visionaries with big hearts. We’re humans who are growing and progressing and, in a way, awakening. Our Impact Initiative is our soul’s work. For us, it’s about using our greatest skills to impact the world positively.

Our guidance doesn’t stem from a place of us knowing best, it’s from a place of acknowledging YOUR expertise, so we can help you make the biggest impact possible. This begins with a customized vision: your GAME. Then, we use cutting edge strategies and technology to help you spread your message and increase your influence.

It's time to PLAY BIGGER !!!

Let's do it TOGETHER !