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Our mission is to provide innovative training and marketing solutions which will empower

people and organisations to create and fulfil on a vision larger than they ever imagined!

Welcome to OpenTech Media

Our mission is to provide innovative training and marketing solutions which will empower people and organizations to create and fulfill on a vision larger than they ever imagined!

About OpenTech

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, in downtown San Jose, OpenTech Media Inc. is an established content and web development company focused on online training and marketing solutions. The primary thread running through both our offerings is content. Over the years, our team has designed and developed over 10,000 hours of effective and custom content.

We have successfully worked with a number of multi-billion and multi-million dollar corporations, and are capable of handling projects of any size in either space. From creating engaging content, to developing scalable web properties and efficient mobile apps, OpenTech makes sure that your content-driven program meets and exceeds expectations.

e-Learning Services

OpenTech Media’s aim is to design and develop custom engaging and interactive eLearning solutions that create quantum leaps in performance. The point is to create training programs with measurable success parameters linking directly to the customer’s training and business objectives. At the core of our innovative eLearning offering is our “training that works” philosophy, that combines the customer’s objectives with their learners’ needs to create programs that exceed expectations.


Marketing Services

OpenTech Media’s Marketing services offer a focused way of creating and executing on a marketing strategy which will produce predictable lead flow. We meet you where you are, identify and help solve your problem, and expand your horizons to make your business run well and look good. We work with you to define your brand, your target market and your audience profiles. We then identify the channels best suited to your requirements, based on your business objectives and target market.


Our Offerings

Thought leadership and strategy

Whatever the need may be, we start by clearly identifying the business objectives, then understand the target market and audience profiles, enabling us to create a success strategy with measurable performance for our clients.

Web development

From using open source technology to huge database driven web properties, utilizing content management or learning management systems, OpenTech Media has undertaken variety of web development projects.

Content development

Our top-of-the-line Instructional Designers use industry standard ADDIE methodology and map the client’s training objectives to well known models like Bloom or Gagne to create eLearning content based on need and audience requirements.

Writing services

Marketing writers are different from Instructional Designers, their writing focuses on bringing out benefits and business values to the target market. Marketing content like blog-writing, white papers, social media posts are all part of these services.

Video creation

Content development by OpenTech Media has always been engaging and immersive. The development methodologies and delivery mediums have evolved over time from flash based content to html5 to video. We currently produce leading edge interactive videos.


OpenTech Media takes ownership for the smooth functioning of your project, be it Marketing or e-Learning. For a marketing project, for example, we would make sure that your social media or email campaigns went out according to the editorial calendar. For an e-Learning project, we would make sure that all faqs were taken care of and all the audience needs were met in a timely manner.

Contact Us

OpenTech Media, Inc. 
84, W Santa Clara Street, Suite 390, San Jose, CA 95113

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