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Small business and growing enterprises may not have the resources to invest in a marketing department or a full-time VP of Marketing or Chief Marketing Officer. In our experience, most small business owners and startup executives have most of the answers, they just need to be asked the right questions and the entire marketing process needs an executive owner.

OpenTech Media’s Marketing services offer a focused way of creating and executing on a marketing strategy which will produce predictable lead flow.

Marketing Leadership

  • Branding
    • Market perception
    • Values/Mission/Vision
    • Tone/Visual tone
  • Marketing Goals(in line with Business goals)
  • Marketing Strategy
    • Persona/target market definition(s)
    • Lead funnels, Conversion defenitions
    • Channel (Email, Social Media, Events, Webinars, etc.)
    • Referral programs, cross selling/upselling
  • Market technology/Content plan

Marketing Operations

  • Website/Web presence
  • Social Media management
  • Creating and managing email programs
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Customer retention and growth
  • Referral programs creation and management
  • Marketing technology/automation


OpenTech Media specializes in creating three different kinds of content:

  • Short content pieces like social media posts, ad content, graphical content
  • Long forms of content like articles, blogs, white papers, listicles
  • Video Content – we specialize in creating end to end videos in the space of:
    • animation videos like whiteboard, graphics animation, explainer videos
    • real-time live videos

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