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OpenTech Media’s aim is to design and develop custom engaging and interactive eLearning solutions that create quantum leaps in performance.

At the core of our innovative eLearning offering is our “training that works” philosophy, that combines the customer’s objectives with their learners’ needs to create programs that exceed expectations. The point is to have the ability to create training programs with measurable success parameters linking directly to the customer’s training and business objectives.

Our state-of-the-art e-Learning offerings include:

Requirements Analysis

Identify client needs and create detailed learner profiles


Design and develop innovative programs based on the analysis


Solutions using cost-effective methodology


Measure effectiveness of implemented programs


Our solutions have addressed the needs of diverse audience from employees to customers, channel partners and prospective customers. Some of these solutions were internal training programs both mandatory as well as optional growth and development programs and yet others were external programs sometimes even used as sales tools during product launch or other marketing campaigns. While we have created training content for different industry verticals addressing a very wide range of requirements, our core expertise is in developing custom content for applications such as:

  • Product training
  • Techno-product commercial training
  • New hire training
  • Executive messaging/brand promise training
  • Sales training
  • Compliance training
  • Soft-skills training
  • Conference repurposing


Our RenaissanceProcess™ makes sure that all our training programs address three critical needs –

1) Your training needs
2) Learner / Audience needs
3) Need to create memorable and engaging content

This process is a result of having worked in the training space for 20+ years. It creates training programs with measurable success parameters linking directly to your training and business objectives. This methodology creates dependable programs that are predictable, scalable, self-checking and regenerating.

When Companies take on developing engaging and interactive e-learning content, they realize that they need multi-faceted teams; teams that are made of individuals with very different and diverse skill sets. They may not have all the skills internally and therefore may outsource specific services to augment their internal teams. OpenTech Media provides the right level of services that each company needs, so they can complete their projects on time and within budget. 

Contact us today to see a few examples of the projects we have completed for Fortune 50 companies!

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