From time to time, OpenTech Media executives, clients and partners publish videos. These videos give deeper insights in to the services we provide as well as are educational videos for our customers and prospects.

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Lights, Camera, Action: NOT REQUIRED!!!

A number of video projects do not take off or are put on hold because the person responsible does not want to deal with the complexity of the video shoot. In this video blog, Abhijeet shows 4 ways to create effective videos without needing a camera crew.

Personal Branding – What and Why?

Delving into the whats and whys of Personal Branding and define and put your personal brand out there, as a reflection of your authentic self.

Excerpt from the Email Marketing Workshop – Funnel

Diving deep into the concept of the funnel in marketing, in a workshop on email marketing conducted by CEO, Abhijeet Vaidya

Creating a marketing strategy for revenue growth

“Our company is too small for marketing!” – we hear this statement quite often. Is marketing required by small businesses? Listen to our Abhijeet Vaidya, OpenTech Media CEO talk about revenue funnel and how one can look at revenue growth.

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