Video Creation

OpenTech Media creates videos that deliver results for our clients. Our engaging and unique videos tell your story powerfully, giving you an instant connection with your audience. Our easy-to-use video-brief template simplifies the time-consuming process of video making; that too at a price point that will surprise you!

OpenTech Media’s video creation services include making videos in various formats:

Whiteboard animation

These videos feature a hand actually drawing still or animated pictures on a whiteboard while an audio provides an explanation. With time-lapse effects these videos instantly attract the eye by their uniqueness.

Business Graphics style

These type of videos use graphics and computer generated imagery to explain concepts, product benefits and applications and case studies.

Stock asset / Infographic

Stock Graphics videos provide an overview of a concept, product or a company using stock images and videos. These look like real-life shots of your people or company explaining the topic at hand.

Virtual spokesperson

We record live actors reading your script and then overlay this video on text, graphics or images. The actor can be commissioned for multiple campaigns.

On-site shoot

Company product or overview videos created using footage from live on-site shoots. Key people interviews, product shots, and location shots make these type of videos uniquely yours.


Create a live video cast with your own live weekly video show on YouTube/FaceBook. With 2 Pro cameras and pro audio you will get pro quality live streaming. Get live shoot services for 4 sessions/4 weeks.


OpenTech Media creates videos that fulfill specific business objectives and prove pivotal in:

  • Generating and converting leads
  • Increasing sales
  • Training both internal employees and external customers
  • Generating awareness about a brand or company
  • Engaging the right audience

The range of our video solutions include:

  • Product Overview
  • Training Videos
  • Concept Explainer
  • Company or Product Overview
  • Marketing Videos


Over 300 videos produced by us have helped both small and large scale companies achieve and go beyond their goals. We want to make the same fantabulous videos for you that will take you beyond the results you want. We have simplified the whole intricate, time-consuming and costly process of video making. Gone are the days when producing videos was a big budget, highly complex process!

Our three step process makes creating videos under 10 days a possibility!

  • Step 1: Creative brief – the first step in the creation of a video. Just download our easy-to-use template!
    • Answer the set of questions on it and you’ll be all set with a kick-ass script.
    • Send it on to us
  • Step 2 – Scripts and storyboard – Once we have the brief, we create the script and storyboard for the video
    • You approve (Don’t worry, there’s scope for revisions – you do get one set of changes)
  • Step 3 – Production – We get the VO recorded and create the video
    • Final approval

Previous Work

Company and Services overview - Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation video for a Pharma Tech services company. In less than 3 minutes, this video gave an overview of their company and the services they offered.

Case Study video - Business Graphics animation

A mid-sized company offering security products and services established their tech credibility through our Case Studies video.

Product overview - Stock videos and images

A large networking products company was able to create awareness in their sales team for a new product they released, with an explainer video to highlight the key features and benefits.

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